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List of Postgraduate Courses Offered at Ajayi Crowther University ACU: 2024

Are you considering advancing your education with a postgraduate degree? Ajayi Crowther University (ACU) offers a variety of postgraduate programs across different faculties. In this blog post, we will provide an overview of the postgraduate diploma, master’s, and doctoral courses available at ACU.

Faculty of Humanities:

  1. M.A. History
  2. M.A. Christian Religious Studies
  3. PGD Religious Studies
  4. PhD Religious Studies

Faculty of Management Sciences:

5. M.Sc. Accounting

  1. PGD Accounting
  2. M.Sc. Business Administration
  3. MBA
  4. PGD Business Administration

Faculty of Natural Sciences:

10. PGD Computer Science

  1. M.Sc. Computer Science
  2. M.Sc. Microbiology
  3. M.Sc. Industrial Chemistry
  4. M.Sc. Geology

Newly Approved Programs:

15. M.Sc. Biochemistry

  1. M.Sc. Mass Communication
  2. PGD Accounting
  3. PGD Biochemistry
  4. PGD Christian Religious Studies
  5. PGD Computer Science
  6. PGD Geology
  7. PGD Industrial Chemistry
  8. PGD Mass Communication
  9. PGD Microbiology
  10. PGD Physics
  11. PhD Biochemistry
  12. PhD Business Administration
  13. PhD Christian Religious Studies
  14. PhD Computer Science
  15. PhD English
  16. PhD Geology
  17. PhD History
  18. PhD Mass Communication
  19. PhD Microbiology


  1. Q: How many faculties offer postgraduate programs at ACU? A: ACU offers postgraduate programs in three faculties: Humanities, Management Sciences, and Natural Sciences.
  2. Q: Are there any newly approved postgraduate programs at ACU? A: Yes, ACU has recently introduced new programs, including M.Sc. Biochemistry, M.Sc. Mass Communication, and several PGD and PhD programs.
  3. Q: Can I pursue a PhD in English at ACU? A: Yes, ACU offers a Ph.D. program in English, providing an opportunity for advanced studies in the field.


Ajayi Crowther University presents a comprehensive array of postgraduate courses, catering to diverse academic interests. Whether you are interested in humanities, management sciences, or natural sciences, ACU provides a platform for academic growth and specialization. Explore the possibilities and take the next step in your educational journey at ACU!

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