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Waziri Umaru Polytechnic Fees Schedule: 2024/2025

Are you considering studying at Waziri Umaru Polytechnic? Understanding the school fees structure is crucial for planning your education expenses. In this blog post, we’ll break down the fees for both Social Science and Science & Tech programs, catering to both fresh and returning students.

Social Science Programs:

Fresh Students:

  • ND 1 | Business: ₦31,500
  • HND 1 | Business: ₦31,500
  • NCE 1 | Business: ₦31,500

Returning Students:

  • ND 2 | Business: ₦28,500
  • HND 2 | Business: ₦25,500
  • NCE 2 | Business: ₦25,000

Science & Tech Programs:

Fresh Students:

  • ND 1 | Technology: ₦32,500
  • HND 1 | Technology: ₦32,500
  • NCE 1 | Technology: ₦32,500

Returning Students:

  • ND 2 | Technology: ₦31,500
  • HND 2 | Technology: ₦27,500
  • NCE 2 | Technology: ₦27,500

Understanding these fees will help you plan your finances accordingly. Whether you’re a fresh student embarking on a new academic journey or a returning student continuing your studies, it’s essential to budget for tuition and other associated costs.


1. Are there any additional fees apart from tuition? Yes, students may need to budget for additional fees such as registration fees, examination fees, and other miscellaneous charges. It’s advisable to check with the institution for a comprehensive list of fees.

2. Do the fees vary for international students? The fees provided in this post are for domestic students. International students may have different fee structures and should inquire directly with the institution for accurate information.

3. Are there any scholarship opportunities available? Waziri Umaru Polytechnic may offer scholarship opportunities for eligible students. Prospective students should explore the institution’s website or contact the admissions office for details on available scholarships and application procedures.

4. Can the fees be paid in installments? Institutions often provide options for fee payment, including installment plans. Students facing financial constraints can inquire about installment arrangements with the school’s finance department.

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