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List of Postgraduate Courses Offered at Ebonyi State University: 2024

Are you considering pursuing postgraduate studies at Ebonyi State University (EBSU)? Here’s a detailed overview of the various postgraduate diploma, master’s, and doctorate courses offered across different faculties.

Faculty of Agriculture and Natural Resources Management:

  1. Department of Economics, Management & Extension
  2. Department of Animal Science
  3. Department of Crop Production & Landscape Management
  4. Department of Fisheries and Aquaculture
  5. Department of Food Science and Technology
  6. Department of Soil Science and Environmental Management

Faculty of Social Sciences and Humanities: 7. Department of Economics

  1. Department of Sociology
  2. Department of Psychology
  3. Department of Mass Communication
  4. Department of Political Science
  5. Department of History and International Relations
  6. Department of Philosophy
  7. Department of Religion
  8. Department of Linguistics and Literal Studies
  9. Department of English Language
  10. Department of Igbo
  11. Department of Linguistics

Faculty of Law:

19. Law

Faculty of Management Sciences:

20. Department of Public Administration

  1. Department of Accountancy
  2. Department of Marketing
  3. Department of Banking and Finance
  4. Department of Business Management

Faculty of Education:

25. Department of Educational Foundations

  1. Department of Technical and Vocational Education
  2. Department of Home Economics
  3. Department of Business Education
  4. Department of Human Kinetics Education
  5. Department of Science and Computer Education
  6. Department of Arts and Social Science Education

Faculty of Science:

32. Department of Computer Science and Technology

  1. Department of Biochemistry
  2. Department of Industrial Chemistry
  3. Department of Biotechnology
  4. Department of Industrial Physics
  5. Department of Geology and Exploration

Faculty of Medicine:

38. Department of Physiology

  1. Department of Medical Microbiology
  2. Department of Anatomy
  3. Department of Pharmacology
  4. Department of Community Medicine

Faculty of Health Science and Technology:

43. Department of Nursing Science

  1. Department of Medical Laboratory Science
  2. African Institute for Health Policy and Health System with specializations in Health Policy and Law, Health Systems Financing, and Health System Leadership and Governance.

Embarking on postgraduate studies is a significant step towards career advancement and academic excellence. If you’re considering Ebonyi State University for your postgraduate studies, it’s crucial to explore the diverse range of courses available across various faculties.

Faculty of Agriculture and Natural Resources Management:

This faculty offers programs that delve into economics, animal science, crop production, fisheries, food science, and environmental management. With a focus on sustainable agriculture and natural resource management, these courses provide a solid foundation for those passionate about the agricultural sector.

Faculty of Social Sciences and Humanities:

If you have an interest in understanding human behavior, society, and communication, the social sciences and humanities faculty has a variety of options. From economics and sociology to mass communication and linguistics, this faculty caters to a wide range of academic interests.

Faculty of Law:

For those aspiring to pursue a career in law, EBSU’s Faculty of Law offers a comprehensive program that covers various aspects of legal studies.

Faculty of Management Sciences:

Business enthusiasts can explore postgraduate opportunities in public administration, accountancy, marketing, banking and finance, and business management within this faculty.

Faculty of Education:

Education plays a pivotal role in shaping societies. EBSU’s Faculty of Education offers a spectrum of postgraduate courses, including educational foundations, technical and vocational education, business education, and more.

Faculty of Science:

For the scientifically inclined, the Faculty of Science provides options in computer science, biochemistry, industrial chemistry, biotechnology, physics, and geology. These programs equip students with the knowledge and skills needed in today’s rapidly advancing scientific landscape.

Faculty of Medicine:

Medical professionals looking to specialize or advance their knowledge can explore postgraduate opportunities in physiology, medical microbiology, anatomy, pharmacology, and community medicine.

Faculty of Health Science and Technology:

The intersection of health and technology is a growing field. EBSU’s Faculty of Health Science and Technology offers postgraduate programs in nursing science and medical laboratory science. Additionally, the African Institute for Health Policy and Health System provides specializations in health policy and law, health systems financing, and health system leadership and governance.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ):

  1. How do I apply for postgraduate studies at EBSU? To apply for postgraduate studies at EBSU, visit the official university website for detailed information on the application process, requirements, and deadlines.
  2. Are there scholarships available for postgraduate students? EBSU may offer scholarships or financial aid programs. Check with the university’s financial aid office or the specific department offering your chosen program for more information.
  3. What is the duration of postgraduate programs at EBSU? The duration varies depending on the specific program. Typically, master’s programs take 1-2 years, while doctoral programs may take 3-5 years.
  4. Can international students apply for postgraduate studies at EBSU? Yes, EBSU welcomes international students. Check the university’s international admissions office for details on the application process and requirements for international applicants.
  5. What research opportunities are available for postgraduate students? EBSU encourages research and provides opportunities for postgraduate students to engage in meaningful research projects. Explore the university’s research centers and faculty expertise to find relevant opportunities in your field of study.


Embarking on a postgraduate journey at Ebonyi State University opens up a world of academic and professional possibilities. Whether you’re passionate about agriculture, law, science, or healthcare, EBSU’s diverse range of postgraduate courses ensures that you can pursue your academic goals and contribute to your chosen field. Take the first step towards advancing your education and career by exploring the exciting postgraduate opportunities at EBSU.

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