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List of Courses Offered in Moshood Abiola University of Science and Technology (MAUSTECH) | NUC Approved

In the vibrant landscape of Nigerian higher education, Moshood Abiola University of Science and Technology (MAUSTECH) stands as a beacon of academic excellence. Accredited by the National Universities Commission (NUC), MAUSTECH offers a diverse range of courses tailored to meet the needs of ambitious students seeking to excel in their chosen professions.

NUC Approved Courses at MAUSTECH

1. Accounting Elevate your financial prowess with MAUSTECH’s comprehensive Accounting program, designed to prepare you for success in the dynamic world of finance.

2. Agric-Economics and Extension Explore the intersection of agriculture and economics, gaining insights into sustainable farming practices and economic principles.

3. Agriculture Immerse yourself in the world of agriculture, learning the latest techniques and technologies to contribute to food security and sustainable farming.

4. Agronomy Specialize in crop production and soil management, mastering the science behind cultivating and optimizing crop yields.

5. Animal Production Delve into the field of animal husbandry, developing expertise in the care and management of livestock for sustainable production.

6. Biochemistry Unlock the mysteries of life at the molecular level, studying the chemical processes within living organisms.

7. Biology Embark on a journey of discovery in the biological sciences, exploring the diversity of life and its intricate processes.

8. Botany Dive into the world of plants, studying their structure, function, and ecological significance.

9. Business Administration Gain a solid foundation in business principles, honing your skills to navigate the corporate landscape with confidence.

10. Chemistry Master the fundamental principles of chemistry, preparing for a wide array of applications in industry and research.

11. Computer Science Step into the digital age with a robust Computer Science program, equipping you with the skills needed for a thriving IT career.

12. Computer Science and Mathematics Combine the power of computation with mathematical precision, opening doors to innovative problem-solving.

13. Crop Production Specialize in cultivating crops, learning sustainable agricultural practices to enhance food production.

14. Economics Explore the dynamics of economic systems, gaining insights into the forces that shape global and local economies.

15. Education and Biology, Chemistry, Geography, Mathematics, Physics, Science Shape the future as an educator, specializing in various subjects to inspire the next generation.

16. English Language Hone your language skills, preparing for a diverse range of careers in communication and literature.

17. Fisheries and Aquaculture Dive into aquatic ecosystems, studying the sustainable management of fisheries and aquaculture.

18. Food Technology Explore the science behind food production, mastering the techniques that drive innovation in the food industry.

19. Geography Uncover the wonders of the Earth’s landscapes, studying physical and human geography for a holistic perspective.

20. History Delve into the past, gaining a deep understanding of historical events and their impact on the present.

21. Hospital Management Equip yourself with the skills needed to navigate the complexities of healthcare administration and management.

22. Leisure and Tourism Explore the dynamic field of leisure and tourism, preparing for a career in the thriving hospitality industry.

23. Nutrition & Dietetics Promote health and wellness through a focus on nutrition, learning to develop balanced and personalized dietary plans.

24. Statistics & Mathematics Master the art of data analysis and interpretation, preparing for careers in statistics and related fields.

25. Physics Unravel the mysteries of the physical world, studying the fundamental principles that govern matter and energy.

26. Political Science Gain insights into political systems and dynamics, preparing for a career in governance, policy, and international relations.

27. Public Administration Develop leadership skills for the public sector, contributing to effective and ethical governance.

28. Pure and Applied Physics Combine theoretical knowledge with practical applications, exploring the diverse realms of physics.

29. Pharmaceutical Technology Embark on a journey into the pharmaceutical industry, studying the technology behind drug development and production.

30. Science Laboratory Technology Become a laboratory expert, mastering the techniques and technologies essential for scientific research.

31. Zoology Explore the animal kingdom, studying the diversity of species and their ecological roles.

MAUSTECH’s Commitment to Quality Education

MAUSTECH is dedicated to providing quality education, ensuring that students receive a well-rounded learning experience. The university’s commitment to excellence extends across its diverse faculties and departments, fostering a conducive environment for academic growth and personal development.


As you embark on your academic journey, consider the myriad opportunities that await you at MAUSTECH. Whether you aspire to delve into the sciences, arts, or business, the NUC-approved courses at MAUSTECH are designed to empower you with the knowledge and skills needed to succeed in your chosen field. Explore the possibilities, unlock your potential, and join the community of achievers at Moshood Abiola University of Science and Technology.

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