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List of Courses Offered at UNIZIK: 2024/2025

Are you considering Nnamdi Azikiwe University, popularly known as UNIZIK, for your higher education journey? Look no further! In this article, we provide you with a detailed list of undergraduate courses offered at UNIZIK across various faculties and campuses. Whether you are interested in agriculture, arts, biosciences, or education, UNIZIK has a diverse range of programs to cater to your academic interests.

Courses Offered at Awka Campus (Ifite-Ogwari):

1. Faculty of Agriculture:

  • Crop Science (B. Agric) – Crop Science
  • Agricultural Economics and Extension (BAgric) – Agric Economics and Extension
  • Food Science and Technology (BAgric) – Food Science and Technology
  • Animal Science (B. Agric) – Animal Science
  • Forestry and Wildlife (B. Agric) – Forestry and Wildlife
  • Soil Science (B. Agric) – Soil Science

2. Faculty of Arts:

  • Igbo, African and Asian Studies (BA) – Chinese Language, Igbo Language
  • English Language and Literature (BA) – English Language and Literature
  • History and International Studies (BA) – History and International Studies
  • Linguistics (BA) – Linguistics
  • Modern European Languages (BA) – French
  • Music (BA) – Music
  • Philosophy (B.A) – Philosophy
  • Religion and Human Relations (BA) – Religion and Human Relations
  • Theatre and Film Studies (BA) – Theatre and Film Studies

3. Faculty of Biosciences:

  • Applied Biochemistry (B. Sc.) – Applied Biochemistry
  • Parasitology and Entomology (B. Sc.) – Parasitology and Entomology
  • Applied Microbiology and Brewing (B. Sc.) – Applied Microbiology and Brewing
  • Botany (B. Sc.) – Botany
  • Zoology (B.Sc.) – Zoology

4. Faculty of Education:

  • Adult Education (B.Ed.) – Accounting, Economics, Marketing, Mass Communication, Political Science
  • Early Childhood and Primary Education (B.Ed.) – Early Childhood and Primary Education
  • Educational Foundations (B.Ed.) – Education/English Education, Fine and Applied Arts, Education/History, Education/French Education, Igbo, Education/Music, Education/Religion, Education/Political Science, Education/Economics
  • Education Management and Policy (B.A. (Ed.)) – Economics, Geography, Health Science, Political Science
  • Guidance and Counselling (B.Ed.) – Political Science, B.Sc.(Ed.) – Economics, B.Ed – Health Science, Biology
  • Human Kinetics and Health Education (B.Sc.(Ed.)) – Health Education, Human Kinetics
  • Library and Information Science (B.LIS.) – Library and Information Science
  • Science Education (B.Sc.(Ed.)) – Biology, Chemistry, Computer Science, Integrated Science, Mathematics, Physics
  • Vocational Education (B.Sc (Ed.)) – Business Education, Accounting, Commerce/Cooperative, Secretarial Technology, Technical Education, Building and Wood Work Technology, Electrical and Electronic Technology, Auto Mechanical Technology

UNIZIK Postgraduate:

For those aspiring to pursue postgraduate studies at UNIZIK, you can find detailed information on the available programs by checking our dedicated postgraduate courses list.


UNIZIK offers a wide array of undergraduate courses, providing students with an opportunity to explore and pursue their passions. If you have any further questions or need more information, feel free to explore our official website or contact the university.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ):

  1. How can I apply for undergraduate programs at UNIZIK?
    • Visit the official UNIZIK website for detailed admission procedures and requirements.
  2. Are there scholarships available for students at UNIZIK?
    • Yes, UNIZIK provides various scholarship opportunities. Check the scholarship section on the official website for more details.
  3. Can I transfer between departments or faculties at UNIZIK?
    • Transfers are subject to university policies. Consult with the academic affairs department for guidance.
  4. What are the postgraduate opportunities at UNIZIK?
    • UNIZIK offers a range of postgraduate programs. Explore the postgraduate courses list on our website for more information.

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