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List of Courses Offered at Michael and Cecilia Ibru University: 2024/2025

Are you on the lookout for comprehensive information about the undergraduate courses offered at the National Michael and Cecilia Ibru University, popularly known as MCIU? Look no further! In this article, we’ve compiled the official list of undergraduate courses available at MCIU for the academic session 2024/2025.

List of Undergraduate Courses at MCIU:

  1. Accounting
  2. Applied Biology
  3. Banking and Finance
  4. Biochemistry
  5. Biotechnology
  6. Business Administration
  7. Computer Science
  8. Economics
  9. Industrial Chemistry
  10. Industrial Mathematics
  11. Industrial Physics

Further Details:

For those aspiring to pursue their undergraduate studies, MCIU offers a diverse range of courses to cater to different interests and career paths. Whether you have a knack for numbers and finance, a passion for scientific exploration, or an interest in business administration, MCIU has something to offer for everyone.

Notable Courses:

  • Accounting: Delve into the world of finance and learn the principles of accounting.
  • Biotechnology: Explore the intersection of biology and technology for innovative solutions.
  • Computer Science: Develop your programming skills and explore the ever-evolving world of technology.
  • Economics: Gain insights into economic systems, policies, and global financial dynamics.

FAQ Section:

Q1: How do I apply for admission to MCIU? A1: Visit the official MCIU website and follow the admission guidelines provided. You can also contact the admission office for assistance.

Q2: What are the tuition and fees for undergraduate programs at MCIU? A2: The latest tuition and fees information for the academic year 2024/2025 can be found on the official MCIU website or in our article [link to the article on tuition and fees].


With a variety of courses designed to meet the demands of today’s dynamic job market, Michael and Cecilia Ibru University stand as a reputable institution for higher education. Explore your interests and embark on a rewarding academic journey at MCIU!

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