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List of Courses Offered at TASUED: 2024/2025

If you’ve been on the hunt for information about Tai Solarin University of Education (TASUED), your search ends here! This article unveils the official list of undergraduate courses offered at TASUED for the academic year 2024/2025. Read on to discover the diverse academic programs available at this esteemed institution.

List of Undergraduate Courses at TASUED:

College of Vocational and Technology Education:

  • Bachelor of Science (Ed.) in:
    • Agricultural Science
    • Business Education
    • Home Economics
    • Technical Education

College of Social and Management Sciences:

  • Bachelor of Science (Ed.) in:
    • Economics
    • Geography and Environmental Management
    • Political Science
    • Sociological Studies

College of Specialised and Professional Education:

  • Bachelor of Science (Ed.) in:
    • Adult Education
    • Childhood Education
    • Counselling Psychology and Educational Foundation
    • Educational Management
    • Educational Technology
    • Library and Information Science

College of Science & Information Technology:

  • Bachelor of Science (Ed.) in:
    • Biological Sciences
    • Chemical Sciences
    • Computer and Information Sciences
    • Human Kinetics & Health Education
    • Mathematics
    • Physics & Telecommunication

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions):

Q1: How can I apply for admission to TASUED? A1: The university’s official website provides comprehensive information on the admission process. Navigate to the admissions section for step-by-step guidance.

Q2: What are the admission requirements for TASUED courses? A2: Admission requirements vary by course. Refer to the university’s admission portal or contact the admissions office for specific details on each program.

Q3: Is TASUED known for any specific research or academic achievements? A3: TASUED has a reputation for [mention any notable achievements, research areas, or accolades]. Stay updated on the university’s achievements through their official publications and announcements.


Tai Solarin University of Education stands as a hub for quality education with a diverse range of undergraduate courses. Whether you’re interested in the sciences, social sciences, or specialized education, TASUED has something to offer. Explore the university’s official website for more information on admissions, fees, and the unique features that set TASUED apart. Your educational journey begins here!

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