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University of Maiduguri, UNIMAID Cut Off Point – 2024/2025

Every academic year, the University of Maiduguri (UNIMAID) sets out the admission requirements and cut-off points for prospective students. These cut-off points vary depending on the faculty and program you’re interested in. Below are the cut-off points for various faculties and programs at UNIMAID:

Faculty of Basic Medical Sciences

  • MBBS (Medicine): 250 in UTME and 220 for Catchment States
  • BDS (Dentistry): 250 in UTME and 220 for Catchment States
  • Human Anatomy: 220 in UTME and 200 for Catchment States

Faculty of Allied Health Science

  • Physiotherapy, Radiography, Nursing Science, B. Medical Laboratory Science: 220 in UTME and 200 for Catchment States

Faculty of Agriculture

  • B. Agriculture, B. Fisheries, B. Forestry and Wildlife: 160

Faculty of Arts

  • Various programs such as Arabic Studies, Islamic Studies, English, History, Language & Linguistics: 160

Faculty of Education

  • Programs like Continuing Education, B.A. Education, B.Sc. Education, Business Education, Agric. Education, and Social Science Education: 160

Faculty of Engineering

  • Different engineering programs with cut-off marks ranging from 160 to 190

Faculty of Management Sciences

  • Programs like Accounting, Business Administration, Banking and Finance, Marketing, Public Administration: 160

Faculty of Law

  • LLB and LLB & Sharia: 200 and 190 respectively

Faculty of Pharmacy

  • B. Pharmacy: 200

Faculty of Science

  • Various programs such as Biological Sciences, Chemistry, Geology, Mathematical Sciences, Microbiology, Physics, Biochemistry: Cut-off marks ranging from 160 to 170

Faculty of Social Sciences

  • Programs like Geography, Sociology and Anthropology, Economics, Mass Communication, Political Science: Cut-off marks ranging from 160 to 190

Faculty of Veterinary Medicine

  • Veterinary Medicine: Not specified

This information is crucial for prospective students planning to seek admission into UNIMAID. Make sure to check the specific cut-off points for your desired program and prepare accordingly for the entrance exams. For further inquiries, refer to the university’s official website or contact the admissions office directly.


  1. What are cut-off points? Cut-off points are minimum scores required for admission into specific programs or faculties at a university. They vary depending on factors like the competitiveness of the program and the number of available slots.
  2. What is a Catchment State? Catchment States are specific geographical areas from which universities often give preferential treatment to applicants due to factors like proximity or government policies aimed at promoting education in certain regions.
  3. How can I prepare for UNIMAID’s entrance exams? To prepare for entrance exams, it’s essential to thoroughly review the syllabus, practice past questions, and seek guidance from teachers or tutors if needed. Additionally, maintaining a consistent study schedule and staying updated with current affairs can help improve your chances of success.

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