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Schools and Universities in UK that Accept HND Certificates and 3rd Class for Master’s Degree Programs

More international students are seeking UK universities that accept HND certificates and 3rd class for master’s degrees.

Because the UK has a highly regarded and renowned educational system.

Do you want to know if a Master’s degree is attainable in the UK with a third-class certificate?

This article lists UK universities that accept HND and 3rd Class for Masters. This article is awesome.

UK universities allow HND and 3rd class for master’s degrees. Anyone can get a Master’s degree, even with a high school diploma or if they’re not from the UK.

UK has numerous top-ranked universities. It’s a popular choice among students worldwide. Over 150,000 overseas students attend UK universities each year, according to statistics (every year).

It’s a wonderful idea to study overseas, especially in the UK, if you want to attend world-class universities and be among the finest in the world.

You can get admitted into many UK universities. This page reveals UK universities that accept a third-class Master’s.

List of UK universities accepting HND and 3rd for Masters Degree

We’ve produced a list of the greatest UK universities you should check out.

Here’s a list of UK universities that accept HNDs and 3rd Class Masters.

University of South Wales

The University of South Wales in Cardiff, Wales, is the first on our list of UK universities that accept HND and 3rd Class for Masters.

The Institution of South Wales is a prominent public research university in Cardiff, the UK, and the world.

Statistics reveal it’s the third most populous university in Wales (Current rate 2021-2022).

University of Wales Trinity Saint David and Cardiff Metropolitan University are the largest.

South Wales University is third. This UK university accepts HNDs and 3rd class degrees for Master’s students.

Large institution with campuses in Cardiff, Newport, and Wrexham.

The campus encompasses 19 acres and features several facilities and equipment. This university has gyms, an indoor pool, and a fitness facility.

Others include a café, etc., for university students who need it.

The university’s courses are also noteworthy.

This university offers:

Applied sciences, engineering and technology management, mathematics, psychology, and sociology.

This university gets five stars

Their website has further info.


Swansea University

Swansea University is #2. Wales’ top university. This university is “the students’ choice.” High international student population.

Swansea University offers a variety of degrees to fit anyone’s needs.

The University of Swansea accepts HNDs from Nigeria, Ghana, and Sierra Leone for its UK master’s programs.

The entrance criteria is a 2:2 GPA from your undergraduate degree globally.

Visit their website for details.


Salford University

Salford University: a welcoming learning atmosphere.

The University of Salford is a welcoming, vibrant learning environment for all. Industry-focused courses prepare you for success in school and beyond.

Their skilled teachers and professionals will teach you to the highest standard, and implementing what you’ve learned makes you the greatest in real-world scenarios. Placements, field trips, live projects, etc. are popular at this school.

What’s the prerequisite?

Applicants must have a four-year bachelor’s degree from a reputable Nigerian university and a minimum 2:2 degree classification.

Medical graduates may be admitted.

www.salford.ac.uk has further information.

London Metropolitan University

London’s Metropolitan University is world-class.

This institution’s location in one of the world’s most attractive cities (London) also stands out.

Complex university with regional attendance. Having international students allows you to meet people from various walks of life.

Postgraduate courses are offered to those holding a third-class degree from a Nigerian university.

Like other universities, they have entrance requirements or criteria.

After finishing NYSC in Nigeria, you must have three years of relevant full-time employment experience. Or a professional qualification and two years following Nigeria’s NYSC.

Students can apply for Masters with HND or third class at this world-class university.

Their website has further information.


Rockhampton University

Rockhampton University, London, accepts HNDs and 3rds for Masters.

London’s University of Rockhampton is a public university. Rockhampton, Wandsworth, and London are major campuses. Like others on this list, it’s worth considering for Nigerian or international students.

Who qualifies?

You need a second-class honors degree from a British or foreign university to apply for a master’s degree.

Some programs require 2:1.

What happens to third-class students?


Since they’ll consider an applicant’s entire situation, folks with a third class are encouraged to apply.

The university has authorized it, so you can apply if you like it.

Their website has further info.


Robert Gordon University

Robert Gordon University: All-inclusive

This university has strong Nigerian ties. And that could be a primary factor for a large number of the Nigerian student population on campus at the University.

This university has few admission requirements and regulations for Nigerian students.

What’s the prerequisite?

The prerequisite isn’t difficult. Like other universities, it has application and admission requirements. Robert Gordon University encourages applicants with a four-year degree and a 2.40 GPA or comparable to enroll for postgraduate courses.

For more information, see the course website.

Some institutions demand a second-class upper or equivalent for admittance.

Their website has further info.


University College Birmingham

Third-class doesn’t mean you won’t get into masters.

And that’s the reason why this post is here to enlighten you.

This implies that with your 3rd Class qualification, you can still pursue a master’s degree at the University of Birmingham.

But however, this university provides admission to 3rd class certificate holders to study a few selected Master’s programs in Business.

Edinburgh Napier University

Edinburgh Napier University is in Scotland’s capital. 1964: Its founding. The campus has a terrific vibe.

Edinburgh Napier graduates have successful professions, earning the university a good academic reputation.

Not on this list? Here’s more.

Business, Engineering, Marketing, etc. are taught at the university.


Edinburgh Napier University welcomes HND or 3rd class applicants with at least 60% in their last two years of undergraduate study. This makes it easy to meet the standards and acquire admission.

Their website has further info.


University of Bradford

The University of Bradford is yet among the UK Universities that Accept HND Certificates and 3rd Class for Masters

Bradford University offers a Global Development Scholarship for students in financial need.

This college has essentially no admission requirements because of its scholarship. It ignores degree classes. Anyone therefore can apply for it.

University information is available. You can use your HND and 3rd class once you complete their other prerequisites.

Their website has further info.


Kent University

The University of Kent boasts ease of study. No long application process with a 90% chance of meeting requirements if you’re sincere.

You can study for a Master’s degree at Kent with a third-class or HND.

Their website has research tools;


University of Plymouth

This university accepts HNDs and 3rd-class master’s degrees.

Being among the top universities in England as of current data of 2021-2022. Fast-growing 1992 startup.

You can check more on their official website;


UK Masters Programs Accepting HND and 3rd Class F.A.Q.

Below are FAQs about UK universities that accept HND and 3rd Class for Masters.

Do UK universities accept 3rd-class master’s?

Yes, many UK universities accept HNDs and 3rd Class Masters.

This implies HND graduates and students with a third-class bachelor’s degree can easily study in the UK.

Can I do a Masters with a 3rd class degree?

A third-class degree is sufficient for a master’s.

Most universities won’t be impressed because of prerequisites.

Therefore, yes.

Can I do a Masters with an HND?

Most master’s programs demand an honors degree, but HND graduates may have options. These offers are limited, so check the admission conditions.

This page covers them all.

What is the best University in UK for Masters?

For a Master’s degree, you can pick from two UK universities.

London Metropolitan University, Gordon University, Kent University, University of South Wales, and University of Bradford are top masters universities.

Do UK Universities accept HND holders?

Many UK universities accept HNDs and 3rd-class master’s degrees.

Gordon and Kent, among others. Choose one that meets your financial, academic, and social talents.

How much does it cost to study in the UK?

What is the Cost of education in the UK?
No university has a fixed tuition rate.

This implies there’s no set cost to study in the UK.

Each university has its unique prices you must consider before enrolling.


International students dream of studying in the UK, especially for advanced degrees.

Every university in the UK has its own basic prerequisites for admission.

You must first choose an institution and then examine their website to determine if you meet all admissions requirements to earn your master’s degree there.

Cost of education is another consideration while deciding to study in the UK.

Some universities aren’t as pricey as others, but they can’t compare to studying at home.

You must also plan financially to pay your costs.

Many universities with high standards and affordable tuition exist.

You can earn a free, fully-funded scholarship to study in the UK.

Academically, financially, materially, and morally, you must be prepared.

All or most UK universities emphasize English. You must speak and understand English fluently.

Want to attend one of these universities?

Contact us for additional information, or visit the official university websites.

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