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List of Postgraduate Courses Offered at UNIPORT: 2024

Are you considering pursuing postgraduate studies at the University of Port Harcourt (UNIPORT)? Look no further! In this blog post, we’ve compiled a detailed list of postgraduate diploma, master’s, and doctorate courses offered across various faculties at UNIPORT.

Faculty of Humanities:

  1. Comparative Literature
    • M.A. Comparative Literature
    • Ph.D Comparative Literature
  2. Theatre and Film Studies
    • M.A. Theatre Arts
    • M.A. Theatre & Film Studies
    • M.A. Film & Television Studies
    • Master of Fine Arts (MFA – Professional) in Film & Television Studies
    • Ph.D in Film & Television Studies
    • Ph.D in Theatre and Media Arts
  3. English Studies
    • M.A. English Studies
    • Ph.D English Studies
  4. Foreign Languages and Literature
    • M.A. Foreign Languages and Literatures
    • Ph.D Foreign Languages and Literatures
  5. History and Diplomatic Studies
  6. Linguistics and Communication Studies
  7. Philosophy
    • M.A., Ph.D in Philosophy (Various specializations)
  8. Religious and Cultural Studies
    • PGD in Religious & Cultural Studies
    • M.A., Ph.D in Religious and Cultural Studies (Various specializations)
  9. Fine Arts & Design
    • Various specializations including African Art History, Design History, Painting, Sculpture, etc.
  10. Curriculum Studies and Educational Technology
  • Various areas in Regular (Ph.D & M.Ed) and Sandwich M.Ed Programmes

Institute of Education:

  • Postgraduate Diploma in Education (PGDE)

Faculty of Social Sciences:

  1. Economics
    • PGD in Economics
    • M.Sc, Ph.D in Economics (Various specializations)
  2. Geography and Environmental Management
    • PGD in Geography and Environmental Management
    • M.Sc, Ph.D in Geography (Various specializations)
    • Ph.D in Disaster Risk Management
  3. Sociology
    • PGD in Sociology
    • M.Sc, Ph.D in Sociology (Various specializations)
  4. Political and Administrative Studies
    • PGD in International Affairs
    • M.Sc, Ph.D in Political Science (Various specializations)
  5. Claude Ake School of Government
    • Executive Master’s Degree Programme in Public Administration (MPA)

Faculty of Science:

  1. Biochemistry
    • PGD in Biochemistry
    • M.Sc, Ph.D in Biochemistry (Various specializations)
  2. Pure and Industrial Chemistry
    • PGD, M.Sc, Ph.D in Pure and Industrial Chemistry
  3. Plant Science and Biotechnology
    • PGD in Plant Science and Biotechnology
    • M.Sc in various specializations
  4. Microbiology
    • PGD in Microbiology
    • M.Sc, Ph.D in Microbiology (Various specializations)
  5. Animal and Environmental Biology
    • PGD in Animal and Environmental Biology
    • M.Sc, Ph.D in Animal and Environmental Biology (Various specializations)
  6. Physics
    • Various programs in Physics
  7. Geology
    • PGD in Geology
    • M.Sc, Ph.D in Geology (Various specializations)
  8. Mathematics/Statistics
    • PGD in Statistics
    • PGD in Statistics & Mathematics
  9. Computer Science

Faculty of Agriculture:

  1. Crop & Soil Science
    • PGD, M.Sc in Crop & Soil Science
    • M.Sc in Soil Science
    • M.Sc in Crop Production
  2. Forestry & Wildlife Management
    • PGD in Forestry & Wildlife Management
    • M.Sc in Forestry (Various specializations)
  3. Animal Science
    • PGD in Animal Science
    • M.Sc in Animal Nutrition and Agricultural Biochemistry
  4. Agricultural Economics & Extension
    • PGD in Agricultural Economics & Extension
    • M.Sc in Agricultural Economics & Extension

College of Health Sciences:

  1. Human Physiology
    • PGD, M.Sc, Ph.D in Human Physiology
  2. Human Anatomy
    • M.Sc, Ph.D in Anatomy
  3. Pharmacology
    • M.Sc in Pharmacology
  4. Haematology, Blood Transfusion, and Immunology
    • Various programs

Faculty of Clinical Sciences:

  • M.Sc in Sports Medicine

Department of Preventive and Social Medicine:

  • Various programs

Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences:

  1. Pharmacognosy
    • M.Pharm and Ph.D Programs (Various specializations)
  2. Pharmaceutics and Pharmaceutical Technology
    • M.Pharm and Ph.D Programs (Various specializations)
  3. Experimental Pharmacology and Toxicology
    • MSc & Ph.D in Toxicology (Various specializations)

Sports Institute:

  • Various programs including Sports Broadcasting/Journalism, Sports Marketing, Team Management, Massage Therapy, Fitness and Recreation, and Sports Medicine.

Faculty of Engineering:

  • Master of Engineering Management (MEM) in Chemical, Civil, Electrical/Electronic, Mechanical, and Petroleum Engineering

Faculty of Management Sciences:

  • PGD in Accounting, Finance and Banking, Management, Marketing

Duration of Graduate Programs:

  • PGDE: 12 to 24 calendar months
  • MBA: 24 to 36 calendar months
  • MD and MS: At least 24 calendar months
  • Ph.D: Full-Time – 24 to 60 calendar months; Part-Time – 36 to 84 calendar months
  • DBA: Full-Time – 3 to 5 years from the date of first registration; Part-Time – Minimum of 4 years

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ):

  1. How long does it take to complete a Ph.D program at UNIPORT?
    • Full-Time: Minimum of 24 calendar months, maximum of 60 calendar months.
    • Part-Time: Minimum of 36 calendar months, maximum of 84 calendar months.
  2. What are the areas of specialization in the Department of Human Physiology?
    • Areas include Membrane Physiology, Endocrine and Reproductive Physiology, Blood Physiology, Nutrition Physiology, and Neuro Physiology.
  3. Are there part-time options for the MBA program?
    • No, the MBA program is only available on a Full-Time basis.
  4. What specializations are offered in the Department of Pharmacognosy?
    • Specializations include Phytochemistry/Phytotherapy Research, Medicinal Plant Research, Standardization of Phytopharmaceuticals/Herbals, Formulation Studies of Herbal Products, and Tissues Culture.


UNIPORT offers a diverse range of postgraduate programs across various faculties, providing students with opportunities to specialize in their areas of interest. Whether you’re interested in humanities, social sciences, sciences, health sciences, engineering, or management, UNIPORT has a program for you. Plan your postgraduate journey with this comprehensive list of courses and duration. Good luck!

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