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List of Postgraduate Courses Offered at Imo State University IMSU: 2024

Are you considering pursuing postgraduate studies at Imo State University? Here’s a simplified breakdown of the courses offered across various faculties:

1. Faculty of Agriculture and Veterinary Medicine

  • Agricultural Economics, Extension, and Rural Development
    • Postgraduate Diplomas: Agricultural Economics, Agricultural Cooperatives, Agricultural Extension, Farm Management, Rural Sociology.
    • Masters and PhD: Agricultural Economics with specializations like Agricultural Cooperatives, Farm Management, Production Economics, etc.
  • Animal Science and Fisheries
    • Postgraduate Diplomas: Animal Science, Fisheries.
    • Masters and PhD: Animal Science with specializations in Production, Nutrition, Physiology, Breeding, and Genetics.
  • Crop Science and Biotechnology
    • Postgraduate Diplomas: Crop Science.
    • Masters and PhD: Crop Science with specializations in Plant Protection, Horticulture, Breeding, Genetics, etc.
  • Soil Science and Environment
    • Postgraduate Diplomas: Soil Science and Environment.
    • Masters and PhD: Soil Science and Environmental with specializations like Soil Chemistry, Soil Physics, Environmental Pollution.

2. Faculty of Business Administration

  • Accountancy
    • Postgraduate Diplomas: Accountancy.
    • Masters and PhD: Accountancy.
  • Banking and Finance
    • Postgraduate Diplomas: Banking and Finance.
    • Masters and PhD: Banking, Finance.
  • Business Management
    • Postgraduate Diplomas: Business Management.
    • Masters, MBA, and PhD: Business Management.
  • Insurance and Risk Management
    • Postgraduate Diplomas: Insurance and Actuarial Science.
    • Masters: Insurance and Actuarial Science.

3. Faculty of Education

  • Various Programs
    • Post Doctoral, PGD, Professional Diplomas, and Masters in Education-related fields.
  • Departments
    • Education Arts, Foundations and Counseling, Languages Education, Library and Information Sciences, Life Science Education, Physical Science Education, Social Sciences Education.

4. Faculty of Engineering

  • Civil Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Agricultural Engineering, Food Sciences and Technology
    • Various programs including PGD, Masters, and PhD in different specializations.

5. Faculty of Environmental Sciences

  • Architecture, Building, Estate Management, Fine and Applied Arts, Quantity Surveying, Urban and Regional Planning
    • PGD, Masters, and PhD programs in various specializations within these departments.

6. Faculty of Health Sciences

  • Public Health, Nutrition and Dietetics, Medical Laboratory, Optometry, Nursing Science
    • PGD, Masters, and PhD programs in various health-related fields.

7. Faculty of Humanities

  • Gender Studies, Igbo Studies, English and Literary Studies, History and International Studies, French, Linguistics and Igbo, Philosophy, Religious Studies, Theatre Arts
    • Programs range from PGD to PhD in different areas of humanities.

8. Faculty of Law

  • Law
    • PGD, LLM, and PhD programs with specializations like International Law, Private and Property Law, Public Law, Commercial Law.

9. Faculty of Science

  • Animal and Environmental Biology, Biochemistry, Chemistry, Computer Sciences, Microbiology, Physics, Plant Sciences & Biotechnology, Statistics, Mathematics
    • PGD, Masters, and PhD programs in various science disciplines.

10. Faculty of Social Sciences

  • Economics, Geography and Environmental Management
    • PGD, Masters, and PhD programs with specializations in Economics, Public Sector Economics, Industrial Economics, Development Economics, Geography, and Environmental Management.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ):

  • Q1: How can I apply for postgraduate studies at IMSU?
    • A1: You can find the application process on the official IMSU website or contact the admissions office for assistance.
  • Q2: Are there scholarships available for postgraduate students?
    • A2: Scholarships may be available, and you can check with the university’s financial aid office or external scholarship providers.
  • Q3: What is the duration of postgraduate programs?
    • A3: The duration varies by program, but generally, PGD takes 1-2 years, Masters 2 years, and PhD can take 3-5 years.
  • Q4: Can I pursue postgraduate studies part-time?
    • A4: Some programs offer part-time options; you should check with the specific department for details.
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