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List of Postgraduate Courses Offered at Gregory University Uturu: 2024

Are you considering pursuing postgraduate studies at Gregory University, Uturu (GUU)? Look no further! In this article, we provide a comprehensive list of postgraduate diploma, master’s, and doctorate courses offered at GUU, along with their admission requirements. Read on to discover the exciting opportunities that await you at GUU.

Postgraduate Courses at GUU:

College of Engineering:

  1. Department of Civil Engineering

    • Ph.D. Civil Engineering
    • M.Sc. Civil Engineering
    • PGD Civil Engineering
  2. Department of Electrical/Electronic Engineering

    • PGD Electrical/Electronic Engineering
    • M.Sc. Electrical/Electronic Engineering
    • Ph.D. Electrical/Electronic Engineering

College of Environmental Sciences:

  • Department of Environmental Sciences
    • PGD Geology
    • M.Sc. Geology
    • Ph.D. Geology

College of Humanities:

  1. Department of History and International Studies
    • PGD History and International Studies
    • M.A. History and International Studies
    • Ph.D. History and International Studies
  2. Department of Language and Literary Studies
    • PGD Language and Literary Studies
    • M.A. Language and Literary Studies
    • Ph.D. Language and Literary Studies
    • PGD French and International Studies
    • M.A. French and International Studies
    • Ph.D. French and International Studies
  3. Department of Theatre and Media Studies
    • PGD Theatre and Media Studies
    • M.A. Theatre and Media Studies
    • Ph.D. Theatre and Media Studies

College of Medicine and Health Sciences:

  1. Department of Anatomy

    • PGD Anatomy
    • M.Sc. Anatomy
    • Ph.D. Anatomy
  2. Department of Physiology

    • PGD Physiology
    • M.Sc. Physiology
    • Ph.D. Physiology

College of Natural and Applied Sciences:

  1. Department of Biology
    • PGD Biology
    • M.Sc. Biology
    • Ph.D. Biology
  2. Department of Biochemistry

    • PGD Biochemistry
    • M.Sc. Biochemistry
    • Ph.D. Biochemistry
  3. Department of Microbiology

    • PGD Microbiology
    • M.Sc. Microbiology
    • Ph.D. Microbiology
  4. Department of Computer Science

    • PGD Computer Science
    • M.Sc. Computer Science
    • Ph.D. Computer Science

College of Social and Management Sciences:

  1. Department of Accounting
    • PGD Accounting
    • M.Sc. Accounting
    • Ph.D. Accounting
  2. Department of Business Administration
    • PGD Business Administration
    • M.Sc. Business Administration
    • Ph.D. Business Administration
  3. Department of Insurance

    • PGD Insurance
    • M.Sc. Insurance
    • Ph.D. Insurance
  4. Department of Economics

    • PGD Economics
    • M.Sc. Economics
    • Ph.D. Economics
  5. Department of Sociology

    • PGD Sociology
    • M.Sc. Sociology
    • Ph.D. Sociology
  6. Department of Political Science

    • PGD Political Science
    • M.Sc. Political Science
    • Ph.D. Political Science
  7. Department of International Relations

    • PGD International Relations
    • M.Sc. International Relations
    • Ph.D. International Relations
  8. Department of Mass Communications

    • PGD Mass Communications
    • M.Sc. Mass Communications
    • Ph.D. Mass Communications

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

Q1: How do I apply for admission to GUU’s postgraduate programs? A1: To apply, visit the official GUU website and follow the outlined admission process. Ensure you meet the specific requirements for your chosen program.

Q2: What are the general admission requirements for GUU’s postgraduate courses? A2: Admission requirements vary by program but typically include a relevant bachelor’s or master’s degree, academic transcripts, letters of recommendation, and a statement of purpose.

Q3: When is the application deadline for postgraduate admissions? A3: GUU usually announces application deadlines on its official website. It’s advisable to check the website regularly for updates.

Q4: Are there scholarship opportunities for postgraduate students at GUU? A4: GUU may offer scholarships based on academic merit or other criteria. Check the official website or contact the admissions office for information on available scholarships.


Embark on your academic journey at Gregory University, Uturu, by exploring the diverse range of postgraduate courses offered across various disciplines. Be sure to review the admission requirements and keep an eye on the official GUU website for the latest updates. If you have more questions, check out the FAQs section or reach out to the admissions office for personalized assistance. Your exciting educational adventure at GUU awaits!

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