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List of Courses Offered at Renaissance University: 2024/2025

Are you considering Renaissance University for your undergraduate studies? This blog post provides an overview of the exciting range of courses offered across different faculties. Whether you’re interested in law, management and social sciences, or natural and applied sciences, Renaissance University has something for everyone.

Faculty of Law:

Renaissance University’s Faculty of Law is dedicated to shaping the legal minds of tomorrow. The undergraduate program offers a comprehensive study of law, providing students with a solid foundation for a successful legal career.

College Of Management and Social Sciences:

If you have a passion for business, finance, or social sciences, the College of Management and Social Sciences at Renaissance University has a variety of options for you. Choose from courses such as Accounting, Business Administration, Economics, Mass Communication, Banking and Finance, Psychology, Political Science, and History and International Relations.

College Of Natural and Applied Science:

For those inclined towards the sciences, the College of Natural and Applied Science at Renaissance University offers a diverse range of courses. From exploring the microscopic world in Microbiology to understanding the building blocks of life in Biochemistry, or delving into the realms of technology with Computer Science, there’s a scientific pathway for every curious mind. Additionally, the Industrial Chemistry and Industrial Physics programs provide practical insights into real-world applications.


Renaissance University stands as a hub for diverse educational opportunities. Whether your interests lie in law, business, social sciences, or the natural and applied sciences, the university’s array of undergraduate courses ensures a well-rounded education. Consider Renaissance University for your academic journey and embark on a path of knowledge and growth.

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