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List of Courses Offered at OSISATECH: 2024/2025

Welcome to Our Saviour Institute of Science, Agriculture & Technology, where education meets innovation! Our institution is committed to providing a dynamic and comprehensive learning experience. Here’s a closer look at the diverse range of undergraduate courses we offer:


Discover the world of numbers and financial management with our Accountancy program. Gain the skills to excel in the complex field of accounting.

Banking and Finance:

Explore the dynamic realm of Banking and Finance, where you’ll learn about financial systems, investments, and the intricacies of the banking sector.

Business Administration & Management:

Unleash your leadership potential by enrolling in our Business Administration & Management course. Acquire essential skills in organizational management and strategic decision-making.

Co-operative Economics & Management:

Learn about the principles of cooperation and effective resource management in our Co-operative Economics & Management program.

Computer Engineering:

Dive into the world of technology with our Computer Engineering course. Gain expertise in designing and implementing computer systems.

Computer Science:

Master the fundamentals of computer systems, algorithms, and programming languages through our Computer Science program.

Electrical/Electronic Engineering Technology:

Explore the exciting field of Electrical/Electronic Engineering Technology, where you’ll acquire hands-on skills in electronics and electrical systems.

Food Technology:

Join our Food Technology program to delve into the science behind food production, preservation, and quality assurance.


Gain a deep understanding of risk management and insurance principles in our Insurance course, preparing you for a career in the insurance industry.

Mass Communication:

Embark on a journey into the world of media and communication with our Mass Communication program. Develop skills in journalism, broadcasting, and public relations.

Office Technology and Management:

Equip yourself with essential office management skills through our Office Technology and Management course.

Public Administration:

Become a leader in public service by enrolling in our Public Administration program. Learn about governance, policy analysis, and public management.

Science Laboratory Technology:

Experience hands-on learning in our Science Laboratory Technology program, where you’ll develop skills in conducting scientific experiments and analyses.


At Our Saviour Institute of Science, Agriculture & Technology, we pride ourselves on offering a diverse range of undergraduate courses that cater to various interests and career aspirations. Join us in shaping the future through quality education and practical skills. Explore the possibilities at our institution today!


  1. How can I apply for admission to Our Saviour Institute?
    • Visit our official website for detailed information on the admission process and requirements.
  2. Are there scholarship opportunities available?
    • Yes, we offer various scholarship programs. Check our scholarship page for eligibility criteria and application details.
  3. What facilities does the institute provide for practical learning?
    • Our institute is equipped with state-of-the-art laboratories, computer facilities, and industry partnerships to ensure hands-on and practical learning experiences.
  4. Can I transfer credits from another institution?
    • Yes, we accept credit transfers. Contact our admissions office for more information on the transfer process and requirements.

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