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List of Courses Offered at AirForce Institute of Technology : 2024/2025

Are you considering pursuing an undergraduate degree in a specialized field? Look no further than the Air Force Institute of Technology (AFIT), a leading institution that offers a range of exciting programs. In this blog post, we’ll delve into the diverse undergraduate courses available at AFIT and provide you with key details.

ND Programs:

  1. Aircraft Engineering Technology:
    • Gain insights into the intricacies of aircraft systems and maintenance.
  2. Business Administration & Management:
    • Develop essential business skills and management expertise.
  3. Civil Engineering Technology:
    • Explore the world of civil engineering and infrastructure development.
  4. Electrical/Electronic Engineering Technology:
    • Dive into the fascinating realm of electrical and electronic systems.
  5. Explosive Ordnance Technology:
    • Specialize in handling explosive ordnance with a focus on safety and precision.
  6. Mechanical Engineering Technology:
    • Learn the principles of mechanical engineering and design.

HND Programs:

  1. HND Electrical/Electronics Engineering Technology:
    • Advance your knowledge in electrical and electronics with a higher diploma.
  2. HND Aircraft Engineering Technology (Airframe and Power Plant Option):
    • Specialize in aircraft maintenance and power plant systems.
  3. HND Aircraft Engineering Technology (Avionics Option):
    • Explore avionics systems in-depth for a career in aviation technology.
  4. HND Mechanical Engineering Technology (Power and Plant Option):
    • Focus on power systems and plant engineering within the mechanical field.
  5. HND Mechanical Engineering Technology (Manufacturing):
    • Delve into manufacturing processes and technologies.
  6. HND Explosive Ordnance Technology (Military Only):
    • For military personnel, specialize in handling explosive ordnance.
  7. HND Purchasing and Supply:
    • Develop expertise in procurement and supply chain management.


  1. How can I apply to AFIT?
    • Visit the official AFIT website for detailed application procedures.
  2. Are there scholarships available?
    • Yes, AFIT offers scholarships to eligible students. Check the scholarship section on their website for more information.
  3. What sets AFIT apart from other institutions?
    • AFIT combines academic excellence with a focus on practical skills, providing a unique learning experience.


Embark on a rewarding educational journey at AFIT, where you can choose from a variety of programs tailored to your interests. Whether you’re passionate about aircraft technology, business administration, or explosive ordnance, AFIT has something to offer for every aspiring student. Explore their website for more information and take the first step toward a successful career in your chosen field.

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