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LASPOTECH Fees Schedule: 2024/2025

Are you aspiring to join Lagos State Polytechnic (LASPOTECH) for the 2024/2025 academic session? Or are you already a student? It’s crucial to be informed about the current school fees to make informed decisions. Here, we provide a comprehensive breakdown of LASPOTECH’s tuition fees for both ND and HND programs.

LASPOTECH ND School Fees Structure:

  • ND1:
    • Acceptance Fee: ₦15,000
    • School Fee: ₦20,950
  • ND 2:
    • School Fee: ₦17,450
  • ND Repeater:
    • School Fee: ₦9,450

LASPOTECH HND School Fees Structure:

  • HND1 Diplomate & Non-Diplomate:
    • Acceptance Fee: ₦15,000
    • School Fee: ₦28,000 (Diplomate) / ₦30,500 (Non-Diplomate)
  • HND 2:
    • School Fee: ₦27,500
  • HND Repeater:
    • School Fee: ₦19,500


1. What is the Acceptance Fee for LASPOTECH?

  • For both ND and HND programs, the Acceptance Fee is ₦15,000.

2. Are there differences in tuition fees between ND1 and ND 2?

  • Yes, there are slight variations in tuition fees between ND1 and ND 2. Please refer to the provided breakdown for details.

3. Can I find this information on LASPOTECH’s Student Portal?

  • Yes, you can access this information on LASPOTECH’s Student Portal, ensuring you have the most accurate details.

4. Is the acceptance fee refundable?

  • No, the acceptance fee is non-refundable. Ensure you are committed to joining LASPOTECH before making this payment.

By understanding the current school fees at LASPOTECH, you can plan your finances effectively and avoid any unexpected expenses. Stay updated with the latest information to make the most out of your educational journey at Lagos State Polytechnic.

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