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Coal City University, CCU CutOff Point – 2024/2025

Are you aspiring to join Coal City University (CCU) for your higher education journey? Understanding the admission requirements and cutoff points is crucial. At CCU, admission into any desired course is determined by the cutoff mark set by the Joint Admission Matriculation Board (JAMB).

What is the JAMB cutoff mark for CCU?

The JAMB cutoff mark set for entry into any program at Coal City University is 160 and above, out of 400. This means that to be eligible for admission consideration at CCU, you need to score 160 or higher in your JAMB examination.

Is there a specific departmental cutoff mark at CCU?

As of the latest update, CCU does not have specific departmental cutoff marks. Instead, admission into any program is based on meeting the JAMB cutoff mark requirement of 160 and above.


  1. How are CCU admission cutoff points determined? CCU’s admission cutoff points are determined by the Joint Admission Matriculation Board (JAMB). Applicants need to achieve a score of 160 or higher in their JAMB examination to be eligible for admission consideration.
  2. Can I still apply to CCU if I don’t meet the JAMB cutoff mark? Meeting the JAMB cutoff mark is a requirement for admission consideration at CCU. If you do not meet this requirement, it is advisable to explore other educational opportunities or consider retaking the JAMB examination to improve your score.
  3. Is there any flexibility in the cutoff points for special cases? CCU adheres to the JAMB cutoff mark for all admissions. However, specific cases may be considered under exceptional circumstances. It’s recommended to reach out to the university’s admission office for further guidance in such situations.


if you’re aiming to join CCU, ensuring you meet the JAMB cutoff mark of 160 and above is essential. Stay updated with any changes in admission requirements and reach out to the university for clarification on any queries you may have regarding the admission process. Your journey to higher education at Coal City University begins with meeting the cutoff points and fulfilling the necessary requirements.

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