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AirForce Institute of Technology Fees Schedule: 2024/2025

Are you planning to pursue your dreams in aviation or engineering at the Airforce Institute of Technology (AFIT)? Understanding the school fees structure is crucial for your financial planning. In this comprehensive guide, we break down the fees for ND, Pre-HND, and HND programmes for the 2024/2025 academic session for returning students.

Tuition Fees:

AFIT offers tuition-free education for all returning students across aircraft engineering, other engineering, and non-engineering programmes.

Additional Fees Breakdown:

  1. Sports/Games: A nominal fee of N5,000 is charged for sports and games facilities.
  2. Examination Fee: An examination fee of N4,000 is applicable to all returning students.
  3. Medical Services: Students are required to pay N10,000 for access to medical services on campus.
  4. Library Services: A minimal charge of N1,000 ensures access to the institute’s library resources.
  5. Science Laboratory Charges: There are no charges for science laboratory usage.
  6. Maintenance of Facilities: No charges are levied for facility maintenance.
  7. Specialist Equipment: For aircraft engineering students, a fee of N13,000 is charged for specialist equipment.
  8. Development Levy: There are no development levy charges.
  9. Students’ Insurance Policy: A nominal fee of N1,000 provides insurance coverage for students.
  10. Faculty Charges: Engineering students are required to pay N3,000, while non-engineering students pay N2,000.
  11. Departmental Charges: Charges amount to N2,800 for engineering students and N2,000 for non-engineering students.
  12. Students’ Affairs Charges: A fee of N2,000 is charged for students’ affairs services.


For aircraft engineering students, the total fees amount to N41,800. Other engineering students incur N28,800, and non-engineering students pay N27,000.


  1. Are there scholarships available at AFIT? Yes, AFIT offers scholarships to eligible students based on academic performance and other criteria. It’s advisable to check with the institution’s scholarship office for details.
  2. Can I pay my fees in installments? AFIT typically expects students to pay their fees in full at the beginning of each semester. However, specific arrangements might be available upon request or in exceptional circumstances. It’s best to consult with the finance department for guidance.
  3. Are there additional costs not included in the fee structure? While the provided fee structure covers most essential expenses, students may encounter additional costs for personal supplies, transportation, and optional activities. It’s advisable to budget for these potential expenses accordingly.
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