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Abia State Polytechnic Cut Off Point – 2024/2025

Are you aspiring to join Abia State Polytechnic and wondering about the admission cut-off points and requirements? Look no further! In this blog post, we’ll break down everything you need to know in simple English.

Understanding Cut-off Points:

Abia State Polytechnic follows the cut-off points set by the Joint Admission Matriculation Board (JAMB). This means that to secure admission into any program, you need to meet the JAMB cut-off mark, which is currently set at 120.

Admission Requirements:

The admission requirements vary depending on the course you are interested in. It is crucial to check the specific requirements for your desired program on the Abia State Polytechnic website or through their official channels.

How to Check Cut-off Points:

To find the cut-off points for your desired course, visit the Abia State Polytechnic Student Portal at portal.abiastatepolytechnic.edu.ng. Navigate to the admissions section or use the search feature to locate the relevant information.

FAQs about Abia State Polytechnic Admissions:

    • What is the JAMB cut-off mark for Abia State Polytechnic? The JAMB cut-off mark for entry into any program at Abia State Polytechnic is 120.
    • Where can I find specific admission requirements for my course? You can find the detailed admission requirements for each course on the Abia State Polytechnic official website or contact the admission office for assistance.
    • How do I check my admission status? Visit the Abia State Polytechnic Student Portal and log in with your credentials to check your admission status. Regularly check for updates or notifications regarding admissions.
    • Can I apply if I didn’t meet the JAMB cut-off mark? Meeting the JAMB cut-off mark is a prerequisite for admission. If you fall below the cut-off, you may need to consider other options or retake the JAMB examination to improve your score.


Now that you have a comprehensive understanding of the Abia State Polytechnic admission process, ensure you meet the JAMB cut-off mark and fulfill the specific requirements for your chosen course. Stay informed through the official portal and best of luck with your admission journey!

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