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2024/2025 JAMB Arabic Studies Syllabus & Recommended Textbooks

As the 2024/2025 JAMB CBT Examination approaches, students gearing up for the Arabic Studies paper will find this comprehensive guide invaluable. From the official syllabus to recommended textbooks, this post aims to equip candidates with everything they need to excel in the examination. Let’s delve into the key components of the Arabic Studies syllabus and the essential textbooks for effective preparation.

2024/2025 JAMB Arabic Studies Syllabus:

The JAMB Arabic Studies syllabus is carefully designed to assess candidates’ proficiency in understanding both basic and complex aspects of Arabic Studies. Here’s an overview of the syllabus:

Section A: Comprehension

  • Two passages with 70 words each.
  • Five multiple-choice questions for each passage, covering various topics like current affairs, sports, education, politics, economy, health, culture, and ethics.

Section B: Translation

  • Ten questions, with five on translation from English to Arabic and five from Arabic to English.
  • Focus on key words and phrases in sentences, adhering to standard Arabic and English usages.

Section C: Grammar

  • Examination of major grammatical features in Arabic, including demonstrative and relative pronouns, gender, characteristics of nouns, plurals, construct phrases, and more.

Section D: Composition

  • Five questions on subjects related to candidates’ lives and environment, such as education, culture, health, politics, economy, sports, and current affairs.

Section E: Arabic Literature

  • Ten questions covering notable literary figures and their works across different periods, including the Pre-Islamic, Islamic, Modern, and West African Literature in Arabic.

Recommended Textbooks:

To prepare thoroughly for the JAMB Arabic Studies Examination, candidates are advised to explore the following recommended textbooks:

  1. بشير أحمد محيي الدين و المرضي مختار المرضي: المطالعة الواضحة. (Publisher: شركة طن لامى و أبنائه)
  2. سيد حمرة مالك: الإنشاء العربى المتوسط (للمدارس الثانوية) إبادن مطبعة الجامعة ب. ل. س. 2005م.
  3. عبد الفتاح صبرى و علي عمر بك: القراءة الرشيدة. الجزء 1 – 4 القاهرة: دار المعارف.


success in the JAMB Arabic Studies Examination requires diligent study and thorough preparation. Utilizing the provided syllabus and recommended textbooks will undoubtedly enhance candidates’ chances of excelling in this crucial examination. Wishing all candidates the best of luck in their preparation and performance!

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