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WAEC begins the use of CBT for GCE exams by 2024

In a move aligned with global best practices, the Nigeria National Office of the West African Examinations Council (WAEC) is set to usher in a new era by transitioning its WASSCE for Private Candidates Examination Diets from the traditional Paper and Pencil Test to a more modern Computer-Based Examination (CBE) format.

Breaking News: WAEC Nigeria Goes Digital with WASSCE for Private Candidates, 2024 – First Series

The groundbreaking shift is scheduled to debut with the WASSCE for Private Candidates, 2024 – First Series, taking place in February 2024. This revolutionary change will see Objective Tests conducted entirely on computers, while the Essay and Test of Practical papers will adopt a hybrid approach. In this innovative method, questions will be presented on screen, with candidates responding on answer booklets provided to them.

Ensuring Inclusivity and Accessibility

Urban centers and cities will host the examination, ensuring convenient access for all candidates. The Council has also made provisions for candidates with special needs, demonstrating a commitment to inclusivity in this transformative journey.

Mark Your Calendars: Registration Opens December 18, 2023

Prospective candidates are encouraged to mark their calendars as registration for the WASSCE for Private Candidates, 2024 – First Series, kicks off on Monday, December 18, 2023. This early registration will provide ample time for candidates to prepare for the upcoming computer-based format.

Mock Examination: A Crucial Step in Preparation

Recognizing the significance of adapting to the new examination platform, WAEC Nigeria has arranged a Mock Examination in February 2024. This preparatory test will allow candidates to familiarize themselves with the computer-based system, easing any apprehensions and ensuring a smooth transition when the official examination commences.

Calling All Candidates: Hone Your Computer Skills

As the premier examining body in Africa, WAEC is dedicated to delivering qualitative and reliable educational assessments, fostering academic and moral excellence. To achieve this vision, the Council urges all prospective candidates to sharpen their computer skills. Embracing this technological leap is not just a necessity; it’s an opportunity to stay ahead and excel in the evolving landscape of education.

The Future is Digital: WAEC’s Vision for Computer-Based Examinations

WAEC envisions a future where all its examinations are seamlessly delivered via computer. This forward-looking approach reflects a commitment to staying at the forefront of educational assessment, embracing technological advancements, and preparing candidates for success in a rapidly changing world.


as WAEC Nigeria paves the way for a more efficient and contemporary examination experience, prospective candidates are encouraged to embrace this shift, hone their computer skills, and prepare for success in the upcoming WASSCE for Private Candidates, 2024 – First Series. The era of computer-based examinations is here, and WAEC is leading the way toward a brighter and more technologically advanced future in education.

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