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List of Postgraduate Courses Offered at University of Lagos, UNILAG: 2024

Are you considering pursuing postgraduate studies at the University of Lagos (UNILAG)? In this blog post, we’ll provide a comprehensive list of postgraduate diploma, master’s, and doctorate courses offered at UNILAG. We’ll break down the diverse range of programs, making it easier for you to navigate through the options available.

Postgraduate Diploma Programs:

  1. Maritime Administration and Management
  2. Maritime Communications & Navigation
  3. Maritime Environmental Studies
  4. Mass Communications (Full Time)
  5. Mass Communications (Part Time)
  6. Mathematics (Part Time)
  7. Metallurgical and Materials Engineering (Part Time)
  8. Music (Full Time)
  9. Philosophy (Full Time and Part Time)
  10. Statistics (Part Time)
  11. Surveying and Geoinformatics (Full Time)
  12. Theatre Arts (Full Time)
  13. Visual Arts (Full Time)
  14. Anaesthesia (Full Time)
  15. Applied Geophysics (Part-Time)
  16. Biomedical Engineering
  17. Cell Biology and Genetics (Forensic Biology)
  18. Cell Biology and Genetics (Genetic Counseling)
  19. Civil and Environmental Engineering (Part-Time)
  20. Computer Science (Part-Time)
  21. Economics (Part-Time)
  22. Education (Full Time, Sandwich, Part-Time)
  23. Electrical/Electronics (Part-Time)
  24. English Language (Part-Time)
  25. Environmental Design (Part-Time)
  26. Finance (Part-Time)
  27. Guidance and Counselling (Part-Time)

Master’s Programs:

  1. Master of Arts in Music (Theory and Composition)
  2. Master of Arts in Teaching of French as a Foreign Language (Part-Time)
  3. Master of Arts in Theatre Arts (Various Specializations)
  4. Master of Business Administration (Executive and Full/Part-Time)
  5. Master of Conflict Management
  6. Master of Criminology (Full and Part-Time)
  7. Master in Diplomacy and Strategic Studies (Part-Time)
  8. Master in Facilities Management (Part-Time)
  9. Master in Project Management (Part-Time)
  10. Master in Urban and Regional Planning (Part-Time)
  11. Master of Applied Geophysics (Various Options)
  12. Master of Aquatic Resource and Pollution Management (Part-Time)
  13. Master of Development Finance (Part-Time)
  14. Master of Dispute Resolution
  15. Master of Education (Various Specializations)
  16. Master of Employment and Labour Studies (Full and Part-Time)
  17. Master of Environmental Design (Full and Part-Time)
  18. Master of Geographic Information System (Part-Time)
  19. Master of Geoinformatics Information Technology (Full Time)
  20. Master of Housing Development and Management
  21. Master of Information Technology (Part-Time)
  22. Master of International Law and Diplomacy (Part-Time)
  23. Master of International Relations and Strategic Studies (Part-Time)
  24. Master of Landscape Architecture (Part-Time)
  25. Master of Laws (Full and Part-Time)
  26. Master of Legal Studies
  27. Master of Managerial Psychology (Part-Time)
  28. Master of Natural Resource Management (Part-Time)
  29. Master of Process Engineering (Part-Time)
  30. Master of Professional Ethics (Part-Time)
  31. Master of Public Administration (Part-Time)
  32. Master of Public and International Affairs (Part-Time)
  33. Master of Public Health (Full Time)
  34. Master of Research and Public Policy (Full Time)
  35. Master of Risk Management (Part-Time)
  36. Master of Science in Various Specializations (Full and Part-Time)


  1. How do I apply for postgraduate programs at UNILAG?
    • Visit the official UNILAG website for detailed application procedures.
  2. Are there scholarships available for postgraduate students?
    • UNILAG offers various scholarships. Check the scholarship page on the university’s website for more information.
  3. Can I work while pursuing a postgraduate degree at UNILAG?
    • Many postgraduate programs offer flexible schedules, allowing students to work part-time.
  4. What is the duration of postgraduate programs at UNILAG?
    • The duration varies for each program. Refer to the specific program details on the university’s website.
  5. Are there research opportunities for postgraduate students?
    • Yes, UNILAG provides research opportunities for postgraduate students. Explore departmental research initiatives for more details.


This blog post serves as a simplified guide to the extensive list of postgraduate courses offered at the University of Lagos. Whether you’re interested in arts, sciences, or management, UNILAG provides a diverse range of programs to suit your academic and professional goals. Explore the official website for more detailed information and take the next step toward advancing your education at UNILAG.

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