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List of Postgraduate Courses Offered at UniAbuja: 2024

Welcome to the University of Abuja’s diverse range of postgraduate programs across various faculties and institutes. In this comprehensive guide, we’ll explore the postgraduate diploma, master’s, and doctorate courses offered at UniAbuja, making it easier for prospective students to navigate their academic choices.

Faculty of Agriculture:

  1. PGD Crop Protection
  2. M.Sc. Crop Protection
  3. PhD. Crop Protection
  4. PGD Agronomy
  5. PGD Agro-Forestry
  6. M.Sc. Agronomy
  7. M.Sc. Agro-Forestry
  8. PhD. Crop Protection
  9. PhD. Agronomy
  10. PhD. Agro-Forestry
  11. PGD Agric. Economics & Farm Management
  12. PGD in Agricultural Business Management
  13. M.Sc. Agricultural Economics
  14. M.Sc. Development of Economics
  15. M.Sc. Environmental Economics
  16. M.Sc. Agric. Ext. & Rural Sociology
  17. PhD. Agricultural Economics
  18. PhD. Agricultural Ext. & Rural Sociology
  19. PGD Soil M.Science
  20. M.Sc. Soil M.Science
  21. PhD. Soil M.Science
  22. PGD Animal M.Science
  23. M.Sc. Animal M.Science
  24. PhD. Animal M.Science

Faculty of Arts:

  1. PGD Diplomatic Studies
  2. M.A. Diplomatic Studies
  3. M.A. Nigerian and African History
  4. Phil. in Nigerian and African History
  5. Phil. Diplomatic Studies
  6. PhD. Nigerian and African History
  7. PhD. Diplomatic Studies
  8. PhD. Nigerian and African History
  9. PhD. Diplomatic Studies
  10. PGD Media Arts
  11. PGD Theatre Arts
  12. M.A. Media Arts
  13. M.A. Theatre Arts
  14. PhD. Media Arts
  15. PhD. Theatre Arts
  16. M.A. English Language
  17. M.A. Literature in English
  18. PhD. English Language
  19. PhD. Literature in English
  20. M.A Islamic Studies
  21. PhD in Islamic Studies
  22. M.A Philosophy
  23. PhD in Philosophy
  24. PGD Christian Religious Studies
  25. M.A Philosophy and Psychology of Religion
  26. M.A Industrial Christian Theology
  27. M.A Old and New Testament Studies
  28. PhD Industrial Christian Theology
  29. PhD Old and New Testament Studies
  30. PhD Philosophy and Psychology of Religion


Q: How can I apply for postgraduate programs at the University of Abuja? A: Visit the official University of Abuja website for detailed application procedures and requirements.

Q: Are there part-time options for postgraduate courses? A: Yes, some programs offer part-time options. Check with the specific faculty or institute for details.

Q: What are the admission criteria for postgraduate programs? A: Admission criteria vary by program. Generally, a relevant bachelor’s or master’s degree is required. Refer to the university’s admission guidelines for specific requirements.

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