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List of Postgraduate Courses Offered at IBB: 2024

Are you considering pursuing postgraduate studies at Ibrahim Badamasi Babangida University (IBB)? Look no further! This blog post provides a comprehensive overview of the various postgraduate diploma, master’s, and doctorate courses offered at IBB across different faculties.

Faculty of Agriculture:

  1. Department of Agricultural Economics & Extension Services
    • PGD. Agricultural Economics
    • M.Sc. Agricultural Economics
  2. Department of Crop Production
    • PGD. Crop Production

Faculty of Education and Arts:

  1. Department of Counseling Psychology
    • M.Ed. Educational Psychology
    • M.Ed. Guidance and Counseling
  2. Department of Continuing Education and Community Development
    • M.Ed. Adult and Non-Formal Education Specializations: a. Adult and Non-Formal Education b. Rural and Community Development c. Gender Education d. Industrial Education e. Entrepreneurial Adult Education f. Communication Arts in Adult Education

Faculty of Languages & Communication Studies:

  1. Department of English
    • M.A. English
    • M.A. Literature

Faculty of Natural Sciences:

  1. Department of Biochemistry
    • PGD Biochemistry
    • M.Sc. Biochemistry Options: a. Nutritional Biochemistry b. Biochemical Toxicology & Pharmacological Biochemistry c. Medical Biochemistry & Chemical Pathology d. Molecular Biology & Biotechnology e. Environmental Biochemistry
  2. Department of Geography
    • PGD Water Resources & Environmental Management
    • M.Sc. Water Resources & Environmental Management

Faculty of Management and Social Sciences:

  1. Department of Political Science
    • M.Sc. Political Science


  1. How can I apply for postgraduate programs at IBB University?
    • Visit the official IBB University website and navigate to the Admissions section for detailed application instructions.
  2. What are the specializations offered in the M.Ed. Adult and Non-Formal Education program?
    • The specializations include Adult and Non-Formal Education, Rural and Community Development, Gender Education, Industrial Education, Entrepreneurial Adult Education, and Communication Arts in Adult Education.
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