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List of Courses Offered at Taraba State Polytechnic Jalingo: 2024/2025

Are you aspiring to join Taraba State Polytechnic Jalingo for the upcoming academic session? Look no further! In this blog post, we’ve compiled a detailed list of courses offered at the institution and the admission requirements you need to meet. Read on to discover the exciting educational opportunities awaiting you at Taraba State Polytechnic Jalingo.

1. Courses Offered:

Get ready to explore a diverse range of undergraduate courses at Taraba State Polytechnic Jalingo. Here’s a quick look at the exciting academic fields available:

  • Agriculture Technology
  • Electrical Engineering
  • Mechanical Engineering
  • Architecture
  • Building Construction and Quantity Survey
  • Land & Survey
  • Estate Management
  • Accountancy
  • Public Administration
  • Law
  • Business Administration and Management
  • Computer Science
  • Electrical/Electronic Engineering Technology
  • Office Technology and Management
  • Science Laboratory Technology
  • Statistics/Mathematics

2. Admission Requirements:

Before you embark on your academic journey at Taraba State Polytechnic Jalingo, it’s crucial to understand the admission requirements. Make sure you meet the necessary criteria for your chosen course. Specific requirements may vary, so consult the official admission prospectus for detailed information.

3. Important Dates:

Stay on top of key dates to ensure a smooth admission process. Check the term and registration dates to plan your application accordingly. Download the official Taraba State Polytechnic Jalingo 2024/2025 Admission Prospectus for a comprehensive overview.

4. Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ):

To address common queries, we’ve prepared a set of frequently asked questions related to Taraba State Polytechnic Jalingo. Find answers to essential inquiries about the institution, courses, and admission procedures.


With this comprehensive guide, you’re well-equipped to navigate the world of Taraba State Polytechnic Jalingo. Whether you’re interested in Agriculture Technology, Engineering, Business, or the Sciences, there’s a pathway for you. Make sure to follow the provided links for further readings and stay updated on admission procedures and important dates. Your educational journey starts here!

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