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List of Courses Offered at Bingham University, BU: 2024/2025

Welcome to our comprehensive guide on the diverse undergraduate courses offered at Bingham University, also known as BU. If you’ve been on a quest for information about BU’s academic offerings, you’re in the right place. In this article, we’ll provide you with an official list of undergraduate programs, including insights into the faculties and the exciting educational opportunities that await you at Bingham University.

List of Undergraduate Courses at Bingham University:

Faculty of Basic Medical Sciences:

  • MBBS
  • B.Sc. Anatomy
  • B.Sc. Physiology

Faculty of Health Sciences:

  • B.NSc Nursing

Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences:

  • Bachelor of Pharmacy (B.PHARM)

Faculty of Humanities, Social & Management Sciences:

  • B.A. English Language
  • B.A. Mass Communication
  • B.Sc. Accounting
  • B.Sc. Business Administration
  • B.Sc. Economics
  • B.Sc. Political Science
  • B.Sc. Sociology
  • B.A. Christian Religious Studies

Faculty of Law:

  • LLB Law

Faculty of Science and Technology:

  • B.Sc. Industrial Chemistry
  • B.Sc. Computer Science
  • B.Sc. Bio-Chemistry
  • B.Sc. Microbiology
  • B.Sc. Industrial Physics
  • B.Sc. Mathematics & Statistics

Exploring Each Faculty:

  1. Faculty of Basic Medical Sciences: Dive into the world of medicine and health-related sciences with programs like MBBS, B.Sc. Anatomy, and B.Sc. Physiology.
  2. Faculty of Health Sciences: Uncover the secrets of healthcare and nursing through the B.NSc Nursing program.
  3. Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences: Explore the field of pharmacy with the Bachelor of Pharmacy (B.PHARM) program.
  4. Faculty of Humanities, Social & Management Sciences: Choose from a wide array of programs including languages, communication, accounting, business administration, economics, political science, sociology, and Christian religious studies.
  5. Faculty of Law: Embark on a legal journey with the LLB Law program.
  6. Faculty of Science and Technology: Delve into the sciences with programs such as Industrial Chemistry, Computer Science, Bio-Chemistry, Microbiology, Industrial Physics, Mathematics, and Statistics.

FAQs about Bingham University’s Courses:

Q1: How can I apply for admission to Bingham University? A: To apply for admission, visit the official Bingham University website and follow the application guidelines provided.

Q2: What is the duration of the MBBS program? A: The MBBS program typically spans six years, including a mandatory internship.

Q3: Are there scholarship opportunities for students at Bingham University? A: Yes, Bingham University offers various scholarship opportunities. Visit the university’s scholarship page for more information.


Whether you’re interested in the medical sciences, humanities, law, or technology, Bingham University has a diverse range of undergraduate courses to cater to your academic interests. Use this guide to explore the exciting educational landscape at BU, and take the first step towards a rewarding academic journey.

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