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How to Calculate UNIZIK Post-UTME screening score 2023

Welcome to the official announcement for the 2023/2024 admission exercise at the prestigious University community of Nnamdi Azikiwe University (UNIZIK). In a bid to ensure transparency and efficiency, UNIZIK has introduced an automated O’level and UTME results grading system for the upcoming Post-UTME, Direct Entry, and other relevant screening examinations.

Uploading O’Level Results to JAMB CAPS Portal

Candidates aspiring for admission are advised to visit JAMB accredited CBT centers or JAMB Offices to upload their O’level results to the JAMB CAPS Portal. It’s crucial to note that only JAMB accredited facilities should be used for this purpose, avoiding regular or non-JAMB accredited cyber cafes.

Grading System for UTME Candidates

Calculation Formula:

UTME candidates will be screened based on their UTME scores and O’level results for the four subjects taken in UTME. The grading system incorporates the following considerations:

A. Ratio (70:30): The screening ratio will be 70% for UTME scores and 30% for O’level subject scores, with weights assigned as 0.7 and 0.3, respectively.

B. Ranking of O’Level Results Scores: O’level results will be ranked based on the following scale:

  • A1 = 90
  • B2 = 80
  • B3 = 70
  • C4 = 60
  • C5 = 55
  • C6 = 50
  • D7, E8, and F9 = 0
  • Awaiting Result (AR) = 0

For each candidate, the O’level subjects used will be the ones the candidate sat for in UTME.

C. Bonus: Candidates who credit all four O’level subjects in a single sitting will receive a bonus of 10 points; however, candidates with results from two sittings will receive no bonus (i.e., Bonus = 0).

D. Calculations: Final Score = (UTME score * 0.7) + [(O’level score + Bonus) * 0.3]

Example Calculations:

i. Single Sitting: Final Score = (280 * 0.7) + [(285 + 10) * 0.3] = 196 + 88.5 = 284.5

ii. Two Sitting: Final Score = (280 * 0.7) + [(285 + 0) * 0.3] = 196 + 85.5 = 281.5

Note: The difference between the final screening scores of a candidate who credited all four O’level subjects in a single sitting and a candidate who made it in two sittings is 3 (i.e., 284.5 – 281.5).


UNIZIK is committed to a fair and transparent admission process for the 2023/2024 academic session. Candidates are urged to follow the guidelines meticulously to ensure their eligibility for consideration in this highly competitive admission exercise. Best of luck to all aspiring students!

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