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Federal University, Oye-Ekiti, FUOYE Cut Off Point – 2024/2025

Are you aspiring to join the prestigious Federal University, Oye-Ekiti (FUOYE)? Understanding the admission requirements and cutoff marks is crucial for your journey into this esteemed institution. Here’s a simplified breakdown of the FUOYE cutoff marks for various programs:

Agriculture and Related Programs:

  • Agricultural Economics and Extension, Animal Production And Health, Crop Science and Horticulture, Fisheries And Aquaculture, Soil Science And Land Resources Management, Water Resources Management And Agrometeorology: Minimum cutoff is 170.

Arts and Humanities:

  • English And Literary Studies, History And International Relations, Linguistics and Languages, Theatre And Media Arts: Cutoff set at 200 for English And Literary Studies, while others require 180.

Education Programs:

  • Various education programs have cutoffs ranging from 160 to 200. For instance, English Language Education requires 200, while Mathematics Education has a cutoff of 160.

Engineering Programs:

  • Agricultural and Bio-Resources, Civil Engineering, Computer Engineering, Electrical and Electronics Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Mechatronics Engineering, Metallurgical and Materials Engineering: All require a cutoff of 200.


  • The cutoff for Law is set at 200.

Management and Social Sciences:

  • Accounting requires 230, while Banking and Finance, Business Administration, and Public Administration have cutoffs of 200, 220, and 200 respectively.

Natural and Applied Sciences:

  • Programs like Animal and Environmental Biology, Biochemistry, Computer Sciences, Geology, Industrial Chemistry, Microbiology, and others have cutoffs ranging from 160 to 200.

Social Sciences and Others:

  • Criminology and Security Studies, Economics and Development Studies, Mass Communication, Political Science, Psychology, and others have cutoffs ranging from 160 to 200.

FAQs about FUOYE Admission:

  1. What if I meet the cutoff mark? Meeting the cutoff mark doesn’t guarantee automatic admission. Other factors like competition and available slots also influence admission.
  2. Can I apply for multiple programs? Yes, you can apply for multiple programs, but ensure you meet the cutoff for each program you apply for.
  3. When will the admission list be released? Admission lists are usually released after the completion of the screening exercise. Keep checking the university portal for updates.
  4. Are there any supplementary admissions? Depending on available spaces, supplementary admissions might be conducted. Keep an eye on the university’s official communication channels for any announcements.
  5. What if I miss the cutoff mark by a few points? If you miss the cutoff mark slightly, you can explore other admission options like supplementary admissions or consider alternative programs.
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