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PERSONALITY MAKEUP – covergirl eyeliner



PERSONALITY MAKEUP – covergirl eyeliner

havior in each hospital activity with which he was associated was reflected in the varying ratings given him. The significance of agreement or disagree-ment in ratings, like the significance of individual patterns, is a field for fur-ther inquiry.

  1. Thebattery of Feeling-and-At-titude scales described here was de-veloped forclinical use and is designed for measuring the current feeling state of anindividual.
  • Thescales represent an applica-tion of psychometric methods to the problem ofevaluating current personal and emotional reactions of patients.
  • Anadaptation of the Thurstone attitude-measurement technique was used inconstructing the scales.
  • Administeredto patients at in-tervals during hospitalization, the bat-tery provides anobjective basis for evaluating clinical improvement.
  • Use of the battery as a ratilzg in-strdment isalso described.
  • Tentativegeneralizations are drawn regarding the significance of the many score-patternsand rating-pat-terns obtained from the battery; but full knowledge of theclinical meaning of these patterns and changes is a mat-ter for furtherinvestigation. Use of the battery as a research instrument is indicatedbriefly.
Royal Canadian A m y MedicalCorps
Canudbn Women’s Army Corps
The problem of vocationalreadjust-ment in civilian life of psychiatrically disabled soldiers looms largewith the present demobilization of the Armed Forces. The present study wasini-tiated to determine factors which would be of value in the allocation andsuc-cessful adjustment to base duty jobs of soldiers with categories lowered onpsychiatric grounds. Experience had taught that neither the diagnosis nor thesymptomatology could be relied on to any extent in allocating soldiers or
*Any assertions made in this paper are the opinions of the authors andare not to be con-strued as official or reflecting views of the Cana-dian Army.
predictinglikelihood of adjustment. It was clear that the soldier’s personality makeupwas much more significant. In view of this, detailed case studies of a samplegroup of emotionally unstable soldiers were made to determine pos-siblepersonality factors which might be related to adjustment.
The sample consisted of 150 soldiers medically downgradedfor psychiatric reasons alone and categorized as unfit for front line duty but fit for duty in base units. The groupcomprised neurotics and psychopaths but excluded psychotics and pre-psychotics.Selec-
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