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out of 24 soldiers adequately adjusted was misleading. Eight of the 18 soldiers,while satisfactorily adjusted at the time of the survey, were becoming restlessin their jobs.

This group adjusted best when allo-cated to a jobalong the soldier’s own spe-cialty or interest, as free as possible frommilitary routine, and able to Proceed at his own pace without pressure.However, the problem of placingthis group was difficult. It was not simply oneof allo-cation to a job in which the soldier had some interest. The situationhad to pro-vide scope for retaining his interest. This was difficult because ofthe soldier’s rest-lessness and need for change and as a re-sult adjustmenttended to be poor.
Six personality syndromes basedon the needs of emotionally unstable sol-diers employed in base units in the
Canadian Army are described. These syndromes relate to thequality of ad-justment in various types of employ-
ment and to the conditions required for the best adjustment. Theconclusions
are intended to be tentative only. It is pointed out that 22 cases out of the
total sample of 150 could not be grouped in the above categories. A
larger sample, therefore, might have brought out anumber of additional syn-
dromes, and further researchwould be
of value here.  It is pointed out in addi-
tion that the sample studiedincluded only emotionally unstable soldiers who
were retained for furthermilitarv serv-
ice and did not include any whowere discharged. It is possible that further syndromes might emerge if the dis-chargedgroup had been included.
Eachof  the patterns  points sharply
to the  tailor-made conditions required
for the best occupational adjustment of theemotionally unstable soldier, in con-
trast to those required for the more readily adaptable soldierof good sta-
bility. The results indicate that certainconditions are required for the best oc-cupational adjustment of the emotion-
ally unstable soldier, and thisprobably
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